The energy of the studio is Fierce and so much fun and playful yet very kind and supportive to one another! Plus you get fit in no time:) I've learnt so much and gained strength way more than I thought I was capable of 😎 ❤ Thank you Sarah, Terri and Michael for simply being who you are and what you're giving us ❤


I was pretty apprehensive about starting beginners pole as a male in a class full of women. Sarah helped me feel welcome and a part of the class. It's definitely the most physically challenging exercise I have tried but also thoroughly enjoyable, in an encouraging environment.


I started training with Sarah just over a year ago and absolutely love her classes! Pole dancing is so much fun and such a good fitness activity. It has really helped me to lose weight, tone up and build strength after having a baby a year and a half ago. I look forward to training every week with Sarah and learning new tricks and spins!


To say that joining Fierce Fitness Dublin has changed my life would be an understatement. I had always thought pole dancing was really beautiful and admired the strength and grace required, so finally I took the plunge and joined the classes. Sarah is an excellent teacher who is kind, patient and makes every class both really fun and really good, tough work! Since starting these classes I am stronger, have a better relationship with my own body than ever and have met an amazing group of people I may never have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. Come join us! I couldn't recommend it enough.


Sarah was one of the first people I met when I moved to Dublin. I was a shiney eyed pole baby and hadnt a clue how i was going to achieve my dream of winning a championship. Sarah and the Fierce fam welcomed me from the minute I stepped into the studio and I am still friends with the beautiful women that were there the first day I trained. Now nearly 4 years down the track Im beyond proud to say Im also part of the Fierce Instructor team! We grow, change, succeed and face challenges together. It's more than just a studio or space with poles... its a badass family!


I started with Sarah at Fierce Pole Fitness after attending a one off class through my college dance society. I’ve been active and danced pretty much my whole life and was immediately obsessed. Pole is so unique in how incredibly challenging but unbelievably fun it is. Sarah provides a really safe space to learn (and fail) and teaches at the perfect pace to keep you sweating but ensure everyone’s getting it. My only regret is not joining sooner!
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